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The commuter wife !

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You forgot your lunch.

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ʀᴇɴ [ᴇᴘ 1]

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It’s not like he doesn’t make mistakes, and he’s quick to let taunts get to him, but…
He’s the second-strongest after Azumane, and most importantly,
his ability to perform when he’s cornered doesn’t deteriorate.
That mental strength…
Those are unmistakably…
The qualities of an ace.

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 Hiyori Iki & Yato episode 1

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girl, you should know what you're falling for.

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How awkward …

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hayato told me he hates swimming. it’s actually kind of bothering me. what do you think haru?

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this kid is too much

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"Then it’s finally time to introduce Sphinx Number 3, huh?"

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Free! ES ep.08 » Shigino Kisumi

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Free! parallels; It hurts to think about how Haruka must have felt in this moment.

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