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I’m so spineless…I wanted to see you one more time.

And if I had to go so far as to betray that wish…Yes, I knew I could shoulder any sin.

No matter what I became, I knew I’d be fine with it.

As long as I could have you by my side.

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"Do you really think those guys have a future?"

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||| 9 Settembre 2014    Buon Compleanno Hayato! |||

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                   I'll be right here now
To hold you when the sky falls down
I will always
Be the one that took your place
When the rain falls
I won't let go
I'll be right here.

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get to know me » favorite friendships [2/10]
↳ sawako, ayano and chizuru (kimi ni todoke)
"did you know? without realizing it … we were already friends!"

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regret & desperation

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we wouldn’t tell people we were the dollars. we’d just say we heard about them from someone else and get our name out that way.

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Nine pictures of Natsume Takashi

Requested by anonymous.

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